Sunday, 7 August 2016


Met many brilliant students who have immense potential and have vast knowledge,but are incapable of expressing themselves with ease-this incapability instill inferiority complex that kills their enthusiasm and energy.

This causes searching for pleasure somewhere else and often lead to under-performance;the talents(human resource) are being wasted thus.

A simple focus shift can correct the situation............

The "K B C " programme hosted by different,almost equally popular, mega stars gave very,very  different results.

What single factor made the huge difference?, the ultimate command over the language by the best of them ! The ease and flow of language by the best presenter was an eye-opener to the power of language.

Students at IITs, IIMs and such institutions cannot afford  to side-line the importance of languages, especially English in this global scenario, if they want to feel the ultimate happiness and sense of success !

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