Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Self motivation is one of the hardest thing for majority of people.
We can take the help of our good friends for this purpose, eg. if you are not motivated to do exercise all that you have to do is to ask your friends, about the progress you make, on a regular basis.

it works wonders !

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  1. Hey Lawrence,
    I believe this too. However(!), this relies on you actively consulting your friends when your motivation is low - the very time when you're perhaps less inclined to do so.

    A passive way would be to record your exercise in such a way that friends can (with your knowledge or not) check up on you.

    {Broad smile} I may have made a little exercise logging site where friends can see your position on Leaderboards and check your graphs for dips. It'd be great if you'd take a look! The site fills my motivational requirements, but it's early days, and it'd be great to see how it works for others too. :)